Iconic Recipes

The Marie-Antoinette Pistoles

To combat Queen Marie-Antoinette's headaches, pharmacist Sulpice Debauve designed the first chewable chocolate in history, mixing chocolate with medicine to make it more palatable. The queen, seduced, named these medallions "Pistoles".

According to Sulpice Debauve, every recipe
has a beneficial virtue, in keeping with his motto Utile Dulci!



Chocolatier to the First Consul Napoléon Bonaparte, then to the Emperor, Sulpice Debauve created croquamandes in 1807, based on a joint idea by Chef Carême and Napoléon himself.

For the first time, dried fruit will be covered in chocolate!


Les Fleurs de Lys

Celebrated for his exceptional quality chocolates, Sulpice Debauve was named chocolatier to the king and "supplier to the kings of France" during the Restoration.

For the coronation of Charles X, he created another of the company's signature recipes: a caramel ganache coated with chocolate in the shape of a Fleur de Lys!


Delicious Classics

In a resolutely innovative spirit, careful attention is paid to the appropriate balance of ingredients, sugar proportions, and textures in the service of taste, finesse, and deliciousness.

In a resolutely innovative spirit, rigorous research into the balance of ingredients, sugar levels and textures is at the service of taste, finesse and deliciousness.

Always striving for excellence and originality, from the most classic to the most unusual, our low-sugar recipes embody the Sulpice Debauve motto: Utile Dulci!