Dark and Milk Chocolates

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A selection of ganaches and pralines, smooth, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate bonbons, entirely handmade in the grand tradition of French craftsmanship.

Debauve et Gallais chocolates are both delicious and healthy. Our recipes combine the right aromas, and balance of sugar with the unmistakable taste of delicious chocolate.

Weight 70g

Formats 9 Chocolates 18 Chocolates 38 Chocolates 54 Chocolates 66 Chocolates 96 Chocolates 126 Chocolates 252 Chocolates

Cocoa beans, almonds, hazelnuts, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, sugar, milk powder, cream, natural vanilla, verbena, coconut cream, coconut oil, coconut milk powder, chestnut honey, infused fresh ginger, raspberry puree, cloves, natural orange flavor, orange liqueur, coffee, apricot puree, yuzu juice, dehydrated rice syrup, rice flour, acacia fiber, coconut flower nectar, water, orange blossom water, natural orange blossom flavor, Timut pepper, grapefruit puree, lime juice and zest, buckwheat, hazelnut paste, almond paste, peppermint, vanilla bean, infused Jasmine Chung Hao green tea, passion fruit puree, raw Peruvian groats, Voatsiperifery pepper from Madagascar, walnut kernels, invert sugar, sorbitol, nougatine, cinnamon, hazelnut cream, IGP Piedmont hazelnut, flaked almonds, crêpes dentelles chips (gluten), invert sugar, stabilizer (glycerol), soya lecithin, glucose syrup, dextrose, E172 and natural colorants, vanilla powder

Our chocolate bonbons are fresh and should be stored in a dry place, where the ideal temperature is between 16°C and 18°C. To fully enjoy their texture and flavor, we recommend that you enjoy them within 3 weeks of purchase.


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